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Our close by locksmiths tech are trained on the latest locks and keys. We are using one of the best, most advanced mobile units with a dedicated team to serve quick and efficient in your area.

At Near Me Locksmith we are committed to provide our new and repeat clients with great service at great rates and fast response.

We care about our clients and the community, so as you search for a service locksmiths in NYC, beware of all kind of bait and switch and other scams, or, just save yourself future troubles and give us a call today! We are very sure you will be happy with the end results, our local prices and overall service.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the security of your house, car or place of business, we will make sure to resolve and provide the best solution for you and your property.

All locksmiths are licensed experts. We offer quick response, 24 hours a day. We’re committed to integrity, professionalism and excellence.

Locksmith Near Me holds our customer support to the highest standards. we’ve been trusted by families and businesses in New York City since 2006. Our job is to protect your investment and to ensure your property’s security. (BrooklynQueensManhattanBronx and Staten Island, NY)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make a new key for my car without the original ones?

No problem.

There are 3 types of keys:

1. standard cut keys.

2. Transponder or Chipped keys RFID (Radio Frequency Identification programed) 

3. Smart Keys (programing remote).

There are 2 options to have them duplicate:

1. Getting/Towing the car to the dealership (More expensive all around, and takes more time).

2. Call the nearest mobile service like Nearme at 800-567-8956 and we can have them ready in your location with speed and at affordable price.

Can we program a car key at any location?

Yes sure, give us a call. We are mobile!

Can you make a new key only from the lock?


Options are:

1. Cutting the key by code, if there is a code.

2. Impressioning the lock. (non-destructive, manipulation molds making of original key).

There is no need having the lock cylinder disassembled or the relying of decoding.

3. Disassembling the lock. (Reverse engineer the bitting for the key).

Note that any professional cannot create a key on every lock that is out there, and that some locks have security features that are nearly impossible to re-keying without the access of an original key. In that case it will be way more affordable and much more practical to have the lock replaced.

Either way we will solve the issue and provide you with the best possible solution! Call 800-567-8956

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